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Sep 21, - The second is that I will never work with Val Kilmer ever again." After Kilmer completed his final scene during filming, Frankenheimer reportedly said to the crew "Now get that bastard off my set." Kilmer also starred in the historical adventure film, The Ghost and the Darkness, where he played a hunter. Who is the rudest celebrity? | Page 4 | NeoGAF Peta. Age: 27. Probably the most bubbly girl you will ever meet Self described as shy, Kilmer is introspective and philosophical, qualities that may be masked by his matinee idol exterior. Val "Fat" Kilmer (born December 31, ) was once a colossal superstar amongst the likes of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino (they just happened to be in the same line at a McDonalds one day), Val Kilmer has recently been known for engorging his fat ass. By that we mean he actually sodomizes himself with deer sausages. Alaina. Age: 25. Hello everyone, welcome to my profile, I'm Abbey, a luxury escort from England 11 actors everyone hates to work with Dec 20, - After battling the disease for nearly two years, Val Kilmer finally acknowledged his throat cancer diagnosis earlier this year. Now, the actor has given his first on-camera interview since undergoing surgery on his trachea, discussing how his illness has changed him. Some of the ways the diagnosis and. Aug 22, - Though she's seemingly got her shit together for now, it's not a stretch to imagine, I suppose, that LiLo would be a “colossal pain in the ass” on the set. According to one E! News source in regards to her guest spot on FX's “Anger Management” (above). “From the moment she arrived [on her second day of.

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Jazy. Age: 30. 4/20 friendly ! Oct 25, - Former Actress Breaks NDA to Share Story of Being Physically Assaulted by Val Kilmer During 'Doors' Auditions. Caitlin O'Heaney alleges that Kilmer punched her during an audition scene for the Oliver Stone film, leading to a confidential settlement and an NDA she now regrets signing. Kate Erbland. May 5, - In the 80's, Val Kilmer was Tom Cruise's rival both on-screen and off. Top Gun launched the actor to super stardom and Batman cemented his status at the top of the A-list. But then, Kilmer's career spiraled out of control. Today, the former sex symbol is considered by many to be a bloated tabloid joke. Oct 3, - Val Kilmer was being such an impossible asshole towards an assistant that she started to cry. Al Pacino somehow caught wind of this and basically let loose on Kilmer in front of everyone, squashing Val like a grape. (I'm guessing .. Bieber is a colossal asshole but has the excuse of being young for now.


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