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My df (dear fiancee) is trying to convince me that when im on top i pee.. Is that possible? Like its not I could be wrong, it doesnt have a smell either but then again my pee dont really smell.. Is it possible to pee and I have a friend that told me see would pee during sex while pregnant I believed her the  Pain while peeing after sex?? How to Get Pregnant Fast Alicia. Age: 22. I am a beautiful, female, independent escort based in the south lakes area of Cumbria, not far from Barrow, Ulverston and Windermere Leaking urine during pregnancy is common. I'm a very sexual person and I'm ready to get some when he gets here. He even sent me a toy to keep me busy (ladies, get the rabbit, seriously!). It's not every time that I use it but occasionally I wet myself when I orgasm! I've been having one of those pregnancy's where I have to go all the time, even when I just went. I try to  Peeing after sex???? - Trying To Conceive. Liv. Age: 30. You will find I make the perfect companion for every occasion and am completely at home at all venues, homes, houses, apartments, residences and hotels in Prague Urine Leakage During Pregnancy Feb 16, - Peeing during sex may be treatable with Kegel exercises and lifestyle changes, or it may be a sign of an underlying condition.‎Causes · ‎Risk factors · ‎In males. May 22, - When trying to conceive, it's common to implement some old wives' tales you've heard in order to get a positive result on the pee stick. There are many myths about increasing the odds of getting pregnant, from wearing socks when doing the deed to having sex during a full moon. One common "trick" is to.

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Jamie. Age: 25. im into Rim, Fisting on you 2 men 1 girl Mar 27, - Can I safely urinate inside my wife during intercourse? We don't do it all the time, but it feels amazing and turns us both on a lot. What are the risks to this? I haven't been able to find much information on it. We have done this in the past with no problem, but she is pregnant right now and we want to be safe. Mar 18, - Am I the only one that has peed during sex? I didn`t realize I was until I felt all the liquid. We woke up early and had sex without myself going to the bathroom first. Is there any possibility it could have been my waters? I am 17 weeks pregnant. as strong kicks, might also cause an involuntary bladder contraction and urine leakage. Sex during pregnancy might also increase the urge to urinate and cause urine to leak. Additional pressure on the bladder after the baby's head engages in the pelvis during the third trimester can also cause overactivity of the bladder.


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