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Dec 15, - Kim thinks it's not fair that women have to wear pantyhose but men don't. Kim wants to see a man wearing pantyhose Try wearing a suit. Button the shirt up all the way and wear a neck tie continually for the whole day. See how hot you get when wearing a suit on a hot degree day in the summer. Is it OK for men to wear pantyhose? - Quora Corinna. Age: 20. Daddy DOM She rarely wears pantyhose outside of work, but she said, Act IV pantyhose were so comfortable, she may wear them from time to time because she does like the way men look at her when she has pantyhose on. Oct 26, - 'I feel like a ninja warrior!' Men squeezing themselves into pantyhose - before gleefully noting how 'aerodynamic' their bodies feel lossweightquick.info Alia. Age: 30. Completa per ogni tuo desiderio The power that comes with wearing pantyhose unrealized by most ladies Mar 3, - For instance, they always want to wear them with shorts or skirts which highlights their legs, so it isn't just for the comfort as most will profess. Actually 99% of wearers will always try to wear them in a way so they DO get noticed because it excites them. While there is nobody stopping them from doing so, be aware you will  Is it socially acceptable for a guy wear pantyhose in public if. Jun 16, - All men who wear pantyhose do not do it for fetish reasons nor do they all belong on the sex offender list. There are many reasons why men wear pantyhose.

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Hanna. Age: 24. Hello, my name is Sarah Is it normal, that my boyfriend wants me to wear pantyhose almost everywhere. He insists I wear them with my shorts or skirts even on hot summer days. It can be annoying in some situations but he says he loves me wearing them and he gets really turned on. So I try to comply. Pantyhose. Ask Dr. Dombeck Sep 8, Question: i am a 45 year old male who likes to wear nylon pantyhoes what does that say about me as a man? .. you call her. i feel that if more women would try this there would be more happy marrages. so girls make your husbands a sissy and he will love it. it realy changed. Oct 18, - You not only have power over men when you wear sheer pantyhose, but also over other women who don't. When you wear (and get . I've tried indulging him as much as he wants, but honestly I just don't like the feel of them and can only take them on my legs for a short period of time. Should I just give up.


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