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Hi, I'm getting pretty concerned now, almost every time if not every time I go to urinate after I have finished urinating about seconds later seamen comes out of my flaccid (soft) penis. It doesn't just come out by itself most times, most times it makes me feel the need to push a bit and then it comes out. Leaking Cum After Peeing | NoFapĀ® Tahnee. Age: 25. P411 - www The National Infertility Association. This video describe about what you do when your sperm comes out With urine. You can find more detail. Lana. Age: 26. Oils and lotions Thick sperms comes out when I pee May 27, - Sometimes excess semen production in your body can result in sperm coming out with urine. Our body produces semen on a regularly basis and this should be eliminated from the body at the right intervals. When you stay away from any sort of sexual activity, be it having sex with somebody or masturbation. You say "everytime i pee, i lose sperm". There is If you feel that you lose sperm everytime you void, a simple urine microscopy(of a centrifuged specimen of urine) may sort it out. Do you, by If i don't masturbate for two days, when I go bathroom for doing #2, i can see the semen coming out of my lossweightquick.info in urine, weak erections, testicular pain -Doctors.

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Stella. Age: 18. Welcome to my profile and thank you for stopping to take a time to get to know me Hello i am 18 yrs old. I am masturbating since i was Now i stopped it. Now my problem is that SEMEN COMES OUT WITH URINE, and it has a very STINKY and FOUL. When this gland gets congested, it can lead to passing of semen with urine or after urinating. Semen coming out with urine is a condition that can be faced by men due to different reasons, but they can find natural treatment to stop semen leakage during urination. Normally, the body applies pressure to let out the last drop of. i need help please when i pee i noticed my urine become cloudy just a bit then i have urge feel that i need to urinate always after that i pee one more time then a semen just leaked on the tip of my penis; I need your help guys I don't know what i'm gonna do, i'm still a virgin so there no way it will be a std.


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