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Sep 21, - Lots of people have stories of pants-peeing from childhood, including our own Billy Haisley: In the middle of a .. I pissed a solid half a cup before I managed to stop mid-pee and do this bizarre half crabwalk to the bathroom where I proceed to finish off the most satisfying piss of my life. Unfortunately, I then. Iā€™d Rather Pee Myself: A Story About When You Really Can't Hold It | Shrink Tank Sunny. Age: 24. Hi) im Diana,im 23 Skip to content In first grade I peed my pants every day. Nov 3, - I used to wear those cool exercise pants that button all the way up each side. As I was unlocking my bike to ride home after, I suddenly really needed to pee. I lived fairly close by, so I thought I could make it. I couldn't. Those cool pants didn't absorb water so I had to cycle home on my sad, wet bike. Lacey. Age: 23. Hello, gentlemen! I am an American beauty with a perfect hour glass figure 16 Adults Reveal Their Hilarious Stories About The Last Time They Peed Themselves Jan 11, - This is an excerpt from Mixed Shrink: Ridiculous Real Life Stories from Shrinks. In order for you to fully grasp the gravity of my story, I have to give you some background. First, I hate embarrassment. I hate feeling personally embarrassed, and I hate watching other people experience embarrassment. Dec 30, - The story of my life basically alternates between two scenes ā€” walking back from the bathroom or having to go to the bathroom. It's a problem in many situations ā€” long car trips, dates that last more than an hour and dance parties. When I'm really in the groove, I can't stop bumping and grinding and face.

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Maggie. Age: 28. You would not regret seeing me !! Aug 4, - Historically, when I've spent a few romantic days with someone special for the first time, I've taken extra care in choosing bras, panties, and I got off the toilet, downed three Advil, scoured through the cabinet for the probably expired cranberry pills from the one other time in my life that I had a urinary tract. Jul 9, - This story has been taking me about half a year to write. I knew I wanted to write about it for ages but, it felt like it's such a vital part of my personal life that I was always hesitant to. In today's video I wanted to share with you guys and embarrassing storytime video about the time I Peed my.


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