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I want to sew his mouth shut. God, the camera guy must have ear plugs in and and plastic covering his face from all the spit coming out of Sharpton's mouth. Op are you one of those asshole freepers? You must be. I think the REVEREND Al Sharpton has not spoken in a quiet voice a day in his life. And we have James. Al Sharpton Is An Asshole Allie. Age: 30. In portsmouth now Holding on to a mistake 25 years ago, shows how limited you are in your thinking. Apr 14, - Al Sharpton, what an asshole!!! The Political Corner. DaCajun's Avatar. Join Date: Aug Location: North Dallas. Posts: 15, Default Al Sharpton, what an asshole!!! YT is mad that they do not anyone covering there back like Reverend Al does for the brothers. Carl A Baldwin is offline. Elsa. Age: 21. Hi I'm Sara if you looking for a sexy and hot girl then you are in the perfect place Get Al Sharpton The Fuck Off MSNBC! Hey you racist asshole, how are you alive and good people die everyday? You are the devil. You keep bigotry and racism alive. Good job asshole. he Rev. Al Sharpton wants the National Football League to block conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh from bidding on the St. Louis Rams. Sharpton sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday. He said Limbaugh has been divisive and "anti-NFL" in some of his comments. Limbaugh did not immediately  More results from

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Tina. Age: 18. Please call me for more details! Al Sharpton Is An Asshole. I wonder how people can still support this guy? you know i'm not bothered that much he called white people crackers. I'm half White & half Asian and cracker doesn't offend me at all lol. I don't care that he has said stuff against homosexuals either. That's expected from most. Jan 9, - Reverend Al SharptonVerified account. @TheRevAl. Baptist Minister & Political, Civil Rights, and Social Justice Activist. New York, NY. Joined May This Asshole is the BIGGEST Lying,Tax Evading,Troublemaking,Instigating,Race-Baiting,Money Grubbing Lowlife Piece Of Shit Fool I have ever seen in my life!He should be in prison for Tax Evasion! See More. Suspicious fires twice destroyed financial records of Reverend Al Sharpton (pictured)


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