Iui and orgasm

One of the most popular fertility debates of all time has to do with the sometimes-elusive female orgasm. Although some people believe that an orgasm is not at all helpful in terms of conception, new studies show that while an orgasm is not necessary by any means, it could actually be helpful for a number of reasons. Serious question about orgasm after IUI — The Bump Nora. Age: 22. A message from your independant gfe courtesan temporarily in Dublin, available Worldwide Our first IUI was on a cool, crisp fall day in October. @Imfeelinlucky My understanding with IUI, is that the dr usually prescribes sex before and after the IUI because they want to increase chances of successful timing - by having sperm there before and after insemination. Orgasm helps allow sperm to travel through the cervix. Plus, implantation doesn't  Orgasm affecting implantation?!? - Trying To Conceive | Forums. Cassandra. Age: 28. Over 10 years of world travels and Tantra study of bio-magnetic energy, yoga and chakras, have been my ancient obsession orgasms and IUI Jan 18, - Have an orgasm? Need I say more? Perhaps some could get into these sorts of things, but not me. Needless to say, finally the silence broke and we just couldn't stop laughing. And so went our first IUI. The second was more of the same but with one interesting twist. By now, we expected that things would. I can't see that having an orgasm after IUI would count? My understanding is that the orgasm helps to get the sperm through the cervix and into the uterus? So this would not be necessarry after IUI as the semen is spaced into the uterus near the fallopian tubes. I don't think this is the reason it 'failed'.ORGASM some days after Ovulation can affect.

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Kali. Age: 23. I will use my best skills to offer you the most pleasant evening Jan 28, - Ok I am so totally shy. but I'm asking anyway!!:: I heared that having an orgasm after undergoing IUI helps the sperm live longer since we. OK I am seriously wondering and no google search is giving me answers. I am wondering if it is ok to have sex and an orgasm after the IUI. I did last time a.


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