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Vaginal douching is the process of cleaning intravaginal. Know why physicians do not recommend vaginal douching. What medical risks related with this treatment? Odours, Orgasms, STDs: Answers to Your Embarrassing Sex Questions Taylor. Age: 29. Do you need a beautiful girl,Sexy,Romantic and Good Attitude Want More Intense Orgasms? While the oxytocin released by the brain during orgasm can be a healthy form of stress release itself, it may take some serious relaxation techniques to get in the mood So this one seems simple enough, if you're experiencing vaginal dryness yet you're still putting douche up into your business -- it may be time to ditch the. Alix. Age: 18. I'm looking for a cool guy to hang with PREVALENCE AND CORRELATES OF RECENT VAGINAL DOUCHING AMONG AFRICAN AMERICAN ADOLESCENT FEMALES Estrogen levels decrease around the time of menopause, and the vaginal lining becomes thinner and more fragile. Reduced vaginal lubrication may also occur as a result of childbirth, breastfeeding, treatment for cancer, surgical removal of the ovaries, and smoking. Douching, the process of cleaning the vagina with a liquid. Apr 11, - Sending the shower stream into the vagina could mimic douching (see Douching for more info), which is now widely recognized as being bad for vaginal health. Spraying water inside can rinse away healthy bacteria and other organisms naturally found within and upset the vagina's slightly acidic.

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Mindy. Age: 30. Erika is an exclusive escort Nov 3, - To describe the prevalence and correlates of vaginal douching among urban African American adolescents and to examine the association between . sexual happiness (6 item scale, α), sample item: “How important is it to your sexual happiness that you have an orgasm when engaged in sexual. Feb 1, - We're always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. But how often do we hear The tissues of your vaginal canal are quite sensitive, and need lubrication to keep things moving smoothly. Unfortunately, our . I Clean My Vagina? To Douche Or Not To Douche? Acidity vs. alkalinity: for a baby girl, some women eat or douche with lemon (or vinegar) to increase their environmental acidity; women trying for a boy avoid lemon and other acidic foods and may douche with baking soda. Many women have a vaginal environment that is naturally either more acidic or more alkaline.


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