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Check out our top 30 bear events for ! From the lagoons in Iceland to the beaches of Sitges, bear weeks and festivals are becoming more popular! Big Bear ROMP | Mountains of Men & Mischief! Ottavia. Age: 30. I have a university education and i speak english,italian,french and spanish Bears week Sitges takes place from the 1st 11th September Milton and I had enjoyed visiting the Lazy Bear Weekend in Guerneville a few years ago and had a great time. Kennedy. Age: 22. Call me ROMP in the Dark Welcome to the "biggest, hairiest, burliest, craziest, laziest fundraising event on the planet!". Menu. Home · Tickets · About · Videos · Photos · Team · BN Friends · Contact. Amsterdam Bear Weekend Thursday March 15, OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY FOR MISTER BEAR IN GRAN CANARIA Saturday August 4, GAY PRIDE

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Darcie. Age: 27. Give me a try, and you will love it Bears, cubs and a diverse crowd of men convene Aug. , in Big Bear, CA. for social events, entertainment, pool parties and more. If you would like to add your event to the Bear Calendar, click on the “Add Event” button below the calendar. Don't forget to fill out the “Schedule A Reminder” section to sent your event out to our Twitter account. The reminders should be set to send two weeks before your event. Don't worry, if you forget, I'll fix it before it gets. Sitges Bears Week has grown from a group of bears wanting to have a party to an international event that fills the town of Sitges during the first two weeks of September. There are parties and events held throughtout the entire village. There is also a dedicated bears village by the beach with shows, dj's and more. The Mr.


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