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With a title like A Chinese Torture Chamber Story, it's easy to feel like one will be subjected to a grueling exercise in the Grand Guignol. While there are some grim torture sequences here, that's only one part of the whole experience. The big surprise is that the film throws everything but the kitchen sink: there's softcore sex. Chinese Torture Chamber Story () - Bosco Lam | Review | AllMovie Simony. Age: 29. Meeting only: ASIANS / WHITES There are a lot more bawdy sex scenes and sick laughs, but the formula is basically the same. Judging from prerevolutionary family anecdotes, the reputation of the Shah's SAVAK was such that mere rumors sufficed to turn every disco into a potential anteroom to secret torture chambers hidden behind hypothetical trapdoors, every neighbor and relative into a possible spy. Subversive literature, such as existentialist. Anya. Age: 27. Anytime you need a blonde hottie don't be bothered with other's User Reviews Glossy CATIII about a rich scholar who takes on a servant girl who he wants to make his concubine but his unfaithful wife won't have any of it - cue giant exploding penises, brutal torture and a rape scene that has to seen to be believed. But mostly a lot of softcore sex, to the point that I felt quite awkward watching this on the. After half an hour of laborious plot building (and some softcore sex), A Chinese Torture Chamber 2 finally gets into gear and begins to deliver the goods — in the first of several cheesy torture scenes, a woman is impaled upon a red-hot metal phallus and a man has molten wax poured in his ears before having his tongue.

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Leilani. Age: 18. I'm Lolla, 24years old sweet young lady Indicative of Dexter's softcore status, images in Lumen's flashback are partially obscured and remain onscreen for only the blink of an eye—the sparse torture chamber with its naked wood framing, a rope coiled on a soiled twinsized mattress mounted on a simple metal frame, Lumen's foot and calf hooked around her rapist. This is a gory Chinese black-comedy softcore sex film torture show. Probably the best one I've seen all week. It also happens to have a lot of heart and lot of laughs. A woman is accused in archaic times of murdering her husband by deliberately overdosing him on a male potency brew that made his penis explode. Dec 4, - 's A Chinese Torture Chamber Story is a softcore sex-shocker that quickly rose into Category III infamy for its imaginative gratuity and an infamous scene that would become a gold standard example of the dizzyingly extreme content the genre offered. A Chinese Torture Chamber Story gets the ball.


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