Golds gym sucks

May 25, - 1. No Deadlifting/Rowing/Noise - Mandatory. Sure, the plates are iron, the floors have rubber, and their would be plenty of room for at least one platform if they got rid of one glute machine. But don't you dare do ANYTHING that will disturb the people watching TV as they walk at MPH. How will. About Gold's Gym - Off Topic - Forums - T Nation Agatha. Age: 27. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet kisssssses for u Firstly no one told me while I made membership that gym is working from 3 pm at Fridays, Second, I really wonder why they can't have a Christian employee to handle facility working at Friday, why should I waste half of my day off because of someone's religious reason, And last - why I have to be kicked out of cafe zone in gym where I planning waiting until 3 pm, it's abusing and so rude attitude, I wonder how such a well known brand as Gold's Gym left such a poor management to Egyptian branch. I waited and they never emailed me (probably that is the way to suck us in the scam) and due to my move to different city I forgot to call them back and changing address etc. After 3 months I started receiving phone calls from Credit Service people that I didn't paid bills to Gold's Gym, $ and Gold's Gym moved my acct to. Macy. Age: 20. call me now to have the time of your live whit a very hot girl! Golds Gym of Dville, Attacking Former Members? i joined golds gym with a 3 months contract. i was assured that after 3 months that was it. no more payments or anything. well after my 3 month Need help. Scammed by Gold's Gym?: Fitness - Reddit. Jun 1, - Okay, it could just be the franchise in Carlisle, PA, but I'm sure all gyms do this. I talk to them about cancelling and they said that everything is.

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Marta. Age: 26. Hello ! Because traffic is horrible and Gold's is closer, I'm considering switching gyms. I've got a free pass for one day so I'm goin to check it out. Does anyone here workout at a Gold's? What's it like? I don't want to drop the $+ and be stuck with a soft ass gym that I hate so any feedback is appreciated. Nov 4, - Gold's varies DRASTICALLY from gym to gym. Actually, as do all of the chains. 24 hour, LA Fitness, Golds, Ballys each individual gym is very different from the other. My favorite of the chains was the Gold's Gym in Conshohocken, PA or the 24 hour fitness in Bellevue, WA. However, the Golds in Seattle and. Jan 5, - A few months down the road, I move back to Arizona. I talk to the dudes at the gym, and they tell me I have to "write corporate" and gave me all the info I needed. The cancellation process is obviously made purposely troublesome. You don't have to read it, just know it sucks when all that really is necessary.


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