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Aug 5, - Beards are a weird thing. Prized among many men as a symbol of masculinity, often disliked among women as a sign of poor hygiene. Did your endocrinologist ever check your testosterone? It might be low, so that could be part of the puzzle. You ca Why don't Chinese men have beards? Why Do Men Have Facial Hair but Women Don't? Vanda. Age: 30. To make an appointment or for more informations, please, contact me by phone (no withheld numbers, please) or e-mail. You can start shaving as soon as your facial hair appears. Caring for your skin is one of the most effective ways that you can support the growth of fuller facial hair. Beards seem to be everywhere nowadays, but some men just can't grow them. Why not? What goes into. Roxy. Age: 24. so if you find some reall woman,friendship and special good sex. Contact me... I speak fluent english and litlle bit italian. Why Can't Some Men Grow Facial Hair? Jul 14, - Do you sport a Fu Manchu? Muttonchops? A soul patch? If so, chances are good that you're a man and that you owe your ability to grow that facial hair to your hormones. As children, both boys and girls have light, soft body hair called vellus hair. When puberty kicks in, things change. Hormones called. Facial Hair!!! I am 34 years old male and do not have any facial hair around my cheeks and below my side buns. I also do not have a mustache i have like a 16year old and a goatee that I can count. My dad and grandfather all had pretty good mustache at a young age and a decent beard. Can you recommend any.

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Heidi. Age: 25. weight: 56 kg Jan 15, - Why don't kpop idols and korean men in general grow facial hair? I thought about this because I was talking to my friend, and I showed him a korean guy that looks exactly like him. And he said that the korean guy doesn't have any facial hair, unlike him. He also asked me why don't korean guys grow. Hey guys. Have been looking through this board for some time. Damn, I love beards and facial hair so much! But the greatest joke is I can't have one m.


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