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Definition of close of play in the Idioms Dictionary. close of play phrase. What does close of play expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Close-of-play dictionary definition | close-of-play defined INES. Age: 28. I love to travel in europe, kisses Rogers in fine form to worry Sussex. They lost opener Shahid Afridi for 59 two overs from the close of play. Increasingly common on business bullshit bingo cards the English-speaking world over, 'close of play' is the latest way to say '', presumably employed by people a) to make the working day seem more fun, by describing it as 'play' b) because they are cunts. Presumably, like the equally execrable 'touch base', the. Denise. Age: 21. Ultimate Premier Courtesan Marina- Intelligent yet playful, complex never complicated loving to be your sensual fleeting delight that could also become your long term perfect secret Unarmed & Close Play close-of-play definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. (cricket) The end of a day's play 2. (idiomatic) The end of the working day. Jan 29, - Hi everyone! I'm being a bit hassled by a colleague who wants me to deliver some documents I've received an email in which I can't understand what he means when he says 'I require all latest information by the close of play Friday'. Ok, it is clear thar he wants the information by friday, but I've never.

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Mirabella. Age: 23. Never in a rush Our test of a Kenner Close 'N Play record player from at the Daytona Comic Book Convention. Vintage toys and collectibles were at the Daytona Comic Book Convention Sunday, March 20, Collector. Close N'Play by Kenner Commercial


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