Putting ice in the rectum fetish

Jan 24, - Re: Is Putting ice cubes up ur ass till they melt safe??? Post by Banquo» Fri Jan 24, pm. It is safe enough, at the end of the day, it's only water. But make sure the ice cubes are wet when you push them in. Or you could find them painfully sticking to the lining of your rectum. Image We are all in the. Putting ice in the rectum fetish - Porn tube Oriana. Age: 21. Elegant, sensual and sexy, I look for those who want the best Rhaphanidosis was not the only penalty available; sodomy by mulletfish was common as well, or the man could simply be killed on the spot. This practice has gained popularity through the homosexual prison population across the mid-west, and has traveled as far east as Virginia…This practice has been mentioned in several rap songs, referring to the tough life of prisoners in multiple federal and state detention centers where the Jarmel Berries act has been reported by officials to have grown into an act of hate and domination. These people are Idiots i am a Para and get sunstrke easy once a week i have to put ice up my ass to help me cool down dont be putting 20 cubes up yer butt though 10 is even too many 3 to 5 is MORE than enough. you can do damage by geeting the soft tissues in your ass too cold Also rehydration can be acomplished in. Kita. Age: 30. Because once you see me, you will love me Temperature play Sep 1, - well i am thinking that if u wanted to be completely safe u would have to round off the ice cube to put it up your butt as it would be painful and quite awkard to put inside if it was still in its square form! but there might be a numb sinsation as the ice would numb the rectum because of the temperature but. Oct 26, - You will not want to hold ice onto parts of the body that have thinner skin, like the male and female genitalia. This includes the scrotum, penis head and shaft, the clitoris, vagina, labia or anus, because if you hold the ice to long in these areas it can actually cause a burn on the skin very quickly. Instead, you.

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Lucen. Age: 24. I'm sophisticated, elegant and sexy young lady with a lot of cotradiction My wife and I are lucky enough to enjoy many of the same unusual fetishes, mostly revolving around having fantastical beasts and monsters ravaging her. Typically I'll blindfold her and use sensations coupled with toys to simulate whatever creature I'm playing. Those that are put off by odder sex acts may  [Meme][Haiku] Peer Pressure: youtubehaiku - Reddit. When I originally started researching material for this blog, it was going to be about 'insertion fantasy fetishes' which refer to the sexual desires or fantasies of having something inserted into a person via any means in the pelvic region (vaginally, anally), with the insertion object typically being something out of the ordinary. According to an online article at the London Fetish Scene website: “The word [figging] is likely to be a derivative of 'feague', the practice during Victorian times of putting a piece of peeled ginger into a horse's anus to make it appear more sprightly and hold its tail up (for shows and selling). Mostly, figging is still used to mean.


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