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May 4, - Computer giant Intel is behind the Venturi's technology, so no jokes about it crashing a lot, please. The Car Show - Nicolae Sfetcu - Google Buku Hope. Age: 26. eyes: blue Going electric enabled Venturi to bring state-of-the-art technology to the Fetish, which the bigger companies couldn't do. Nicolae Sfetcu , 27 Apr - halaman. 80 Most Amazing Electric Car Designs in The World. Automotive DesignAutomotive IndustryAutomotive NewsElectric VehicleElectric CarsElectric PowerEv CarsFiat CarsRenault Zoe. Renault is actively developing battery chemistry. The possibility of chemical mixture used is the “zinc-air” or “silver-zinc”. In fact, even worse. Dana. Age: 20. fenna Paris 2010: 2011 Venturi Fétish is faster, sexier, more production Aug 31, - The folks at Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles have used two strategies to overcome the problems of producing a high-performance, all-electric luxury sportscar: manufacture only 25 units per year, and charge $, for each one. The Venturi Fetish, described by the company as “the first production  Missing: chemistry. Few people associate the words "electric car" with the word "performance." But sports cars are performance cars and the auto designers at Venturi knew that they'd have to build in as much speed and acceleration as possible in order for the Fetish to be competitive with others sports cars on the market. Unfortunately, its  Missing: chemistry.

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Tali. Age: 28. Mi dedico a te senza fretta, passionale e amante del piacere piu intenso! Feb 4, - wattev2buy explores the Venturi Fetish EV specs, range, price, battery, charge time, and pictures as it vies for a position in the fast-growing EV market. Venturi Fetish Venturi Fetish EV Specs Battery Chemistry Lithium Polymer Battery Capacity kWh. While the batteries are built especially for Venturi, which probably accounts for a significant share of the $K price tag, the chemistry has undergone a decade of extensive testing, so Pastor is confident it will be safe and reliable. He estimated that Fetish has some 54kWh of battery energy available to its kW electric. Back | Home | Up | Next Battery electric vehicles or BEVs are electric vehicles whose main energy storage is in the chemical energy of batteries. BEVs are the most common form of what is defined by the California Air future of both pure electric vehicles and the so called "plug-in hybrid". Venturi Fetish in production electric.


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