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Diaper fetishism, nappy fetishism or diaperism, is a type of garment fetish or paraphilic infantilism. A person with a diaper fetish derives pleasure from the diaper and/or use of it. Being forced to wear diapers as a form of humiliation is sometimes a behavior encountered in sexual masochism. Both men and women can. This Is What Living With An Adult Diaper Fetish Is Like | HuffPost Lexxxi. Age: 20. sweet seductive slim thick always a pleasure let's connect and have a relaxing time together text or call I prefer texting it's more convenient available every evening In opposition to this, the fetish represents the impossibility of pleasure with the body of the mother or the paternal body in the case of females. Jul 3, - The reasons why people desire to wear diapers and/or be treated as a baby are as diverse as the people themselves. Those with these desires are collectively called adult babies and diaper lovers (or ABDLs). This group might be broadly diagnosed with paraphilic infantilism, a diaper. Gella. Age: 29. There is no last call in Vegas! Get Tipsy any time with the push of a few buttons :D Diaper Fetish: Everything You Want to Know But Don’t Want to Ask Jun 3, - In this article, we're going to look at one specific type of fetish: autonepiophilia, also known as paraphilic infantilism and Adult Baby Syndrome. A few cases of autonepiophilia have been reported in the psychological literature to date, which typically involve adults who derive sexual gratification from. Diaper Fetish. by Johnny (Indiana). For about 6 years now I have been doing something that most people think is abnormal. I have tried to stop but I have something driving me to keep doing it. I am not hurting anyone or my self as of yet. but I've lost almost all my friends. The thing I am talking about is wanting to and wearing.

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Alessa. Age: 24. My name is Claudia Mar 21, - Tykables, the only brick and mortar storefront in the United States dedicated to adult baby diaper lovers (ABDL), is located in Mount Prospect, a suburb of Chicago. Its customers, John-Michael Williams, the store's owner says, include those ABDL who have a fetish or sexual interest in dressing like or. Sep 10, - This Is What Living With An Adult Diaper Fetish Is Like. “I know how it makes you feel when you hear about it. I know how weird and bizarre it seems ” By Noah Michelson, Carina Kolodny, and Katelyn Bogucki. shironosov via Getty Images. Jun 19, - I can only achieve orgasm defecating in a diaper,” Jason*, my college boyfriend, said as he sat on my dorm room bed. I had considered myself an open-minded person. I thought your heart told you whom to love, and I thought sexual fetishes were healthy. This statement rocked my belief. Jason and I had.


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