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May 26, - The box sat in the middle of the living room floor where the express service delivery man had left it. It had no markings on it other than a standard shipping label with Claire's address and a generic looking return address in Iowa. Claire knew what it was, though. She was expecting it. She knew it would. MMSA - all stories by Machines and things Rhyse. Age: 30. ,i am also very sociable and sext girl As Susie left the building, she vowed never to do anything that would mean a return. Apr 29, - Julienne laughed at her own humour and led the way across the large entrance hall to a vending machine. After pressing a few buttons, she handed a steaming plastic cup of coffee to Susie and then made a selection for herself. “Let's sit over here.” Once they'd both sunk into a softly upholstered sofa with a. Shayla. Age: 18. I'm just a blonde hair blue eyed girl next door author: Machines and things New Male/Male Spanking Archive, all stories by Machines and things. Sep 19, - “Now, if you continue to fight me or any of these machines you will have to go into the punishment machine for a full spanking and you will be bare bottomed.” She pointed to a machine of the far wall. It looked like the other machines, but Jason sure didn't want to see what was inside. Those smacks hurt and.

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Inara. Age: 22. this page is the mirror of what can you see at the first glance when you look at me: someone delicate and gentle, rafined and witty, smart and with a great and decent sense of humor. Jan 9, - Michael sat waiting outside the principal's office. He wasn't particularly a bad kid, but he did create quite a bit of mischief at the school. He was no stranger to Mr. Crowden's office, and he knew the routine. He would bend over the desk and receive five swats with the paddle. It had always happened that way. Aug 29, - Please refer to previous FUTURESPANK stories for details. A new company, Suma Electronics, had decided to get into the spanking machine business. Suma was a large company, whose headquarters were in Tokyo. They made home computers and large screen TVs. Always on the cutting edge of. Aug 28, - The Spanking Machine. I was four years old, when the Spanking Machine was first introduced to me. in first grade, at St. Mary's Catholic School in New England. I am sure it was purely a precautionary tactic. My first grade teacher had such an infectious! She called it her “insurance policy” and reassured.


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