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Thank you to all those who review this, I was expecting a bit more hate on the end of the second part lol Though all of you made me smile =) So we left Morgan after she'd been abducted in the gas station bathroom by Dagon- a little nod to both Season 2 when Sam was kidnapped from the tiny diner and the actual ending of. Non-Consensual Spanking - Works | Archive of Our Own Milk. Age: 27. I guarantee that my photos are 100% real and you can be sure that you will meet real girl from photo and you will not be dissapointed! Kisses... Competing in the Tri-Wizard Tournament marks him as an adult, and he gets his creature inheritance much sooner than normal. Cerebros has had enough of Chromedome's disobedient attitude and decides that he needs a sterner form of discipline than just mopping floors. (Contains parental discipline/corporal punishment/spanking. Don't like, don't read). Language: English; Words: 4,; Chapters: 1/1; Kudos: 18; Bookmarks: 2; Hits: Margarita. Age: 24. CALL ME tonight Prompt: Hi hun I know you probably have a million prompts but can I make one? Can it be wincestiel, with Cas getting a hole spanking? Maybe he saw it in a porno and wanted to try it, and Sam and Dean are completely fine with it? Series. Part of Tumblr Ficlets/Drabbles. Language: English; Words: ; Chapters: 1/1. Mar 14, - He sat down and went to hold her but she pulled away. "I just want to help you" He told her. He was slightly hurt that she wouldn't let him hold her. "Spank me?" She turned her head towards him. Her eyes shimmering and tears flowing like tiny rivers down her cheeks. "Scully?" He was shocked. Spank her?

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Emily. Age: 30. I am glad that you are reading this Genuine erotic verbal spill of mine Oct 9, - Chakotay wondered which was more depressing the dismal darkness of Kathryn Janeway's quarters or the pathetic tone of her voice. "How did we end up here, Chakotay?" she mouthed feebly. He cleared his throat before answering her, moving velvetly through the inky air towards the shadow of her. Contains parental discipline/spanking of a child/teen robot. Don't like, don't read. Language: English Starscream attempts to kill Megatron again, but ends up getting a good spanking from the Decepticon Lord instead. (Contains parental discipline/corporal Part 34 of Slash Me Twice. Language: English; Words: 1, "Spank me Liam." Because Louis said it, okay. Warnings for spanking, mild voyeurism/exhibitionsm, mild humiliation, dommy!Liam. Though this is listed as Lilo and OT5, it's really sort of - sexy gen, with the spanking and voyeurism/exhibitionism skating the line of actual sexual kink. You'll see:D. Language: English; Words.


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