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Sep 24, - Three years after we broke up, the lessons my bisexual ex-boyfriend taught me still ring true. Over 80 percent of bisexuals end up in “straight” relationships—why? Gizelle. Age: 24. Hello Gentelments ! If he or she is a cheater, they're a cheater regardless of their sexuality. Jan 13, - You've probably heard how actress and model, Amber Rose, in her recent Loveline Podcast, mentioned that she wouldn't feel comfortable dating a bi guy, even though she, herself, dates and is sexually/emotionally attracted to more than one gender. Rose isn't alone in her unwillingness to date bi men. Molly. Age: 21. *open-minded What it's like for women to date bisexual men If you're straight and you're dating someone who is bisexual, don't fret that they're just on their way to discovering they're gay. And if you're gay and dating someone who is bisexual, don't fret that they are "just going through a phase." This person wants to date you, and they won't suddenly become gay or straight. There is. Jan 6, - Amber Rose would be uncomfortable dating a bisexual man. In pop culture, not accepting or trusting bi male sexuality goes unchallenged far too often.

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Blue. Age: 29. I am told i'm very sexy, hot & passionate and can deliver the goods when it counts but i'll let you be the judge of that! When I started dating my bisexual ex-boyfriend, everyone raised their eyebrows. While many of us swoon over openly bisexual women like Megan Fox and Anna Paquin, bisexual guys just don't get the same kind of love. It sucks that there's still a still a double standard when it comes to dating bi guys, but being with one for. Oct 25, - “Having previously done one on bisexual women it was only fair to give the guys a chance to speak as well,” Scarcella told The Huffington Post. “The amount of out bisexual men isn't nearly as large as women, so I felt they deserved their own video to show they exist and have them explain their feelings.”. Jul 24, - It surprises me how today, in , there are still so many misconceptions tossed around about the bisexual community, specifically dating a bisexual person. I am a bisexual female who's currently dating a male, and it's my boyfriend's first time dating someone who is bisexual. Together, he and I have.


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